Virginia Commonwealth University is home to more than 140 master’s, doctoral and certificate programs; the Graduate School oversees each of these programs, ensuring VCU’s graduate education is of the highest possible standard.

The Graduate School provides support to graduate programs, faculty and staff, and students. We host events for current and future students, organize awards and competitions, offer opportunities for professional development and career readiness, and collaborate with partners across the university to best serve our graduate student community.

Our graduate students come from all walks of life and all areas of the globe to continue their education. We believe that our best work happens when we learn from and with one another, and we strive to make cross-disciplinary connections that strengthen and enrich the student experience.

Our mission & core values

Engage. Advocate. Inspire. Lead.

The Graduate School is committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where we:

Engage: Collaborate with campus partners to enrich the graduate student experience at VCU

Advocate: Champion graduate student success from acceptance to graduation

Inspire: Promote the delivery of high-quality graduate education, scholarship, training, and innovation

Lead: Provide expertise and guidance on graduate policies and best practices, using data-driven decision-making


VCU’s Graduate School is affiliated with four external councils at the state, regional and national levels.