Graduate Dean's Advisory Council

The Graduate Dean's Advisory Council (GDAC) is composed of graduate faculty who oversee graduate education within their academic units.  The council is chaired by the dean of the Graduate School and serves as a major conduit of communication between the Graduate Dean and individual graduate program directors.  GDAC members work in conjunction with the University Graduate Council, which is composed of the elected representatives from each school who establish Graduate School policies and procedures. They are crucial to informing practice and recommending policy to the Graduate Council and to providing academic and administrative oversight and coordination of the graduate degree programs in their schools.  


2017-18 GDAC Meeting Schedule


GDAC Meeting August 2017

GDAC Meeting October 2016

VCU Graduate Enrollment - GDAC Report 

GDAC Members

F. Douglas Boudinot - Graduate School

Edmund Acevedo - College of Humanities and Sciences

Debra Barksdale - School of Nursing

Laurie Carter - School of Dentistry

Jan Chlebowski - School of Medicine

Teraya Donaldson - VCU Center for Clinical and Translational Research

Humberto Fabelo - School of Social Work

Jean Giddens - School of Nursing

Jill Gordon - Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Amber Hill - Office of International Education

Aron Lichtman - School of Pharmacy

James Frazier - School of the Arts

Colleen Thoma - School of Education

Jana McQuaid - School of Business

John Ryan - Office of Research and Innovation

Arun Sanyal - VCU Center for Clinical and Translational Research

Mark Schaefermeyer - Graduate School

Shelly Smith - School of Nursing

Alexander Tartaglia - School of Allied Health Professions

Gregory Triplett - School of Engineering

Brian Verrelli - VCU Life Sciences

Jayaraman Vijayakumar - School of Business