Future Faculty Focus newsletters

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Developed by the PFF program office in the VCU Graduate School, the Future Faculty Focus is an e-newsletter that:

  • Provides students with updates and reminders from the PFF Program
  • Informs students of social events sponsored by the Graduate Student Association, the VCU Graduate School, offices across the university and in the community
  • Notifies students of upcoming workshops, workgroups and seminars on topics of research, service, teaching, learning and technology
  • Shares students stories that spotlight PFF Program alumni and VCU faculty members
  • Presents informative and thought-provoking reflections about life in academe

The Future Faculty Focus is sent to individuals on our listserv, which is managed through the program’s Blackboard website. If you have an eID and would like to be added as a participant on the Blackboard site (thus adding you to the listserv), please contact the office at pffprogram@vcu.edu.


To request archived newsletters, contact pffprogram@vcu.edu.