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Current Preparing Future Faculty Program course offerings are available through the VCU Schedule of Classes. Read below for information about registering as a current graduate degree-seeking student or as a nondegree-seeking student.

Registration and enrollment


PFF Program courses are open to all degree-seeking graduate students. 

Registration for PFF Program courses for current VCU graduate students can be completed online through eServices, with the exception of GRAD 605 and GRAD 606, which require permission of the PFF program director.

To register for GRAD 605 Professional Specialty Seminar, email with your name, student ID number and program of study. Our office will discuss with you the prerequisites (GRAD 601 and GRAD 602), consult with you to determine the appropriate professional specialty cluster section and register you for the course.

Proposal development guidelines, submission deadlines and registration instructions for GRAD 606 Internship/Externship in Professional Teaching are discussed in depth in the GRAD 606 proposal and course completion guide.


Nondegree-seeking graduate students may only enroll in PFF classes with permission of the PFF Program. Registration for PFF Program courses is restricted to VCU graduate students until the first week that the class meets. If seats are available at that time, qualified nondegree-seeking students will be registered in the order requests were submitted.


If you want your name added to the waitlist, email with the following information:

  • Full name and V number (if affiliated with VCU)
  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees that you hold (institution and degrees conferred only)
  • Current college/university affiliation, if applicable
  • A brief explanation of interest in the PFF
  • A statement indicating the course(s) you wish to take

Upon written confirmation of approval to register, students will need to complete and submit the Certificate of Eligibility and Course Request Form.


GRAD 601 The Academic Profession
Semester course, two lecture hours, two credits, fall semester.

GRAD 602 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Semester course, two lecture hours, two credits, spring semester.

OVPR 603 Responsible Conduct of Research
Short course. One lecture hour, one credit, fall semester.

GRAD 604 Teaching, Learning, Technology and the Future of Higher Education
Semester course, two lecture hours, two credits, spring semester

GRAD 605 Professional Specialty Seminar
Short course. One lecture hour, one credit, spring semester.
Prerequisites: GRAD 601, GRAD 602. Registration by permission of the program only. Email to request enrollment.

GRAD 606 Internship/Externship in Professional Teaching
Intern course, three credits, offered in fall, spring and summer semesters.
Prerequisites: GRAD 601, GRAD 602, OVPR 603, and GRAD 604 or GRAD 605.

GRAD 691 Topics in Graduate Education
Variable lecture hours. Variable credit. 

GRAD 693 Graduate Internship
Semester course; variable hours (60 hours per credit). 1-9 credits.

GRAD 697 Directed Research
Semester course; 3, 6 research hours. 3, 6 credits.


In order to complete the PFF Program, students must successfully complete the PFF Program course work (GRAD 601, GRAD 602, OVPR 603, GRAD 604 or GRAD 605 and GRAD 606) and submit the GRAD 606 electronic portfolio for evaluation.

Upon completion of these requirements, a text comment will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript to read: “Preparing Future Faculty Program completed [date].”

Students and their faculty mentors will be recognized for this accomplishment at a Graduate School event, usually held in the spring semester.