Degree audit

Degree Works is a computerized report that tracks the completion of a student’s declared degree by course and requirement and the way in which the student is completing those requirements. It outlines in concise form the specific minimum requirements for completion of the graduate program to which the graduate student is admitted effective for the semester in which the student matriculates. All degree requirements are based on the official curriculum as approved by the University Graduate Council and as published in the effective VCU Graduate Bulletin of record.

The report is not intended to replace regular contact with academic advisers. It will, however, provide accurate, up-to-date information to assist students and advisers in making wise academic choices based on information in Banner, the university’s student information system.

Students can access Degree Works by logging into eServices through the myVCU Portal and selecting Degree Works on the Student tab.

Tutorials are available on the VCU Records and Registration website.

Degree Works is available for graduate students admitted for the fall 2014 semester and later. Graduate students admitted before the fall 2014 semester should talk with their academic advisers about the availability of Degree Works.