Graduate Student Association

The GSA and the Graduate School work together to assist students with travel costs for academic conferences. The GSA places students on campuswide committees to ensure concerns of graduate students are heard.


2017-18 GSA Executive Committee

The GSA Executive Committee advocates for the graduate student population by addressing student concerns, promoting events, and encouraging involvement in the graduate community.  The GSA Executive Committee can be contacted at

GSA general meetings: TBD


Executive Committee:

Justin Liang, President

Vacant, Vice President

Vacant, Secretary 

Jacob Steckman, Treasurer/Appropriations Chair

Vacant, Communications Chair

Ellen Stuart-Haentjens, Symposium Chair

Ahmed Abdelkader, Event Chair


School/College Representatives:

Rachel Childs, Representative - School of Allied Health

Apurva Tadimari Prabhakar, Representative - School of Dentistry

Shivakuma Hunagund, Representative - School of Engineering

Ali Martell, Representative - College of Humanities and Sciences

Lee Hodge, Representative - College of Humanities and Sciences

Jessica Russo, Representative - Wilder School